Never stop connecting with people

Never stop connecting with people

Never stop connecting with people.

It’s Sunday and we naturally head into church, sit in the same section with the same group of friends, pray for the same people and hold the same extended conversation after. However this week I challenge you to do something different - connect with someone new.

I go to many places alone. In fact, I go to church alone a lot of the time. It has never really been my way to dwell in a single group of friends. I make friends with individuals and sometimes I find that I don’t “fit in” to the group they’re in. It's not a problem. I just end up knowing a lot of people from many different circles :). Having a constant group has several benefits to be honest - security, support and less awkward birthday parties. However, it can also make us too comfortable and less willing to venture out alone or meet new people.

I am a firm believer that time is not a determinant of the depth of a friendship.

There are people that I’ve met in the last year who I have connected deeper with than people I’ve known all my life. That's just the way it is sometimes. Truth is, if we don’t allow ourselves to be open to meeting new people then we may miss out on the blessing that person could be to us (or we could be to them). A single encounter may not lead to friendship but it might teach us something. So, never stop connecting with people.


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