Joy: I've been reflecting on this word a lot this week.

I can say first hand that joy can be really hard to find when life gets busy and difficult. However, I have realised that it does not have to be that way.

Challenges don't have to be something that take away our joy.

I notice that, when I focus on Christ, rather than the challenges around me, joy is byproduct. But, when I focus on the challenges and then try to implant Christ into the equation (particularly when it's convenient), joy seems further away. Every situation is not the same, that's true. Please believe I'm not down playing anyone's challenges. Rather, reflecting back, even through some of my most difficult days (trust me when I say there have been plenty) Christ has found a way to bring this sense of joy and peace.



- If people are your ultimate source of joy what happens if they let you down? - If money is your source of joy then what happens if that all goes? - If success is what your sole source of joy then what happens if you fail?

There has to be more to life than that.


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